Japan Made Guitar Brand QUESTREL|The first model SWOOD


Innovation of Sound and Expression

The evolution of down-tuning and refined functionality have been realized.

756,000yen (tax included)

Innovation of Sound

SWOOD is in pursuit of a "clear and heavy" sound, suitable for "rock music beyond the 2000's" when down tuning has become the general trend in the music scene today. Extreme clarity, along with a high level of fatness, can be produced even when down tuning. SWOOD expands the possibilities of your sound creation. It is particularly suited for performing drop D to drop C tuning.

Innovation of Expression

How an artist stands with guitar in hand is an expression in itself. SWOOD is an embodiment of absolute functional beauty. The look is highly sophisticated, but also innovative in function. A guitar like none other ? a split from other electric guitar forms which has seen little or no change or over 70 years. The finished shape is made up of various angles, polished by craftsmen, it's form refined and sophisticated in design from any angle.


* This image is a sample.756,000yen (tax included)
: Japanese Alder
Neck Scale
: 646mm
Nut width
: 42mm
Tuning keys
Body Flame :
: Aluminum
: Japanese Maple
Fingerboard radius
: 12"
Bridge Pickup
: Seymour Duncan Nazgul
Bridge :
Neck Joint
: Nakamura joint Nakamura joint (patent pending)
: Rosewood or Japanese Maple
: 22F medium jumbo
Neck Pickup
: Seymour Duncan Sentient
Tail piece
: COBARIONR Tail piece
: 1Vol.1Tone.3Way PU Selector


In order to realize this sound and look, SWOOD incorporates 3 unique elements: material, technology and design.


Japanese wood is mainly chosen for the material. If the source is domestic, the wood can be selected before logging, which leads to maintaining the high quality sound and durability of the guitar. The new alloy Cobalion® was chosen for the tailpiece. Instead of using nickel or brass, as is the case for existing guitar parts, by making the parts out of alloy, vibration attenuation is lowered, and the sound elongation and fatness are both raised. The aluminum frame of the body is configured to enhance the quality of the vibration and sound.



To further enhance the sound vibration, we invented a new style for the neck joint.
By applying centuries-old technique honed by Japanese Shrine Craftsman (Miya Daiku), the neck and body fit directly without using any metal connecting parts. This allows for the integration of the two parts into a single instrument, resulting in a clearer sound quality.

Design デザイン


In pursuit of an innovative concept and functional beauty as a guitar, the SWOOD realizes a highly refined look while being innovative like no other. By pursuing the vector of the strings, a clear and fat sound is realized, even when down tuning, without having to lengthen the neck. The length of the neck is slightly shorter than that of Fender. Along with the change in the music trend, the expressions of guitarists also change.The design of the SWOOD is a proposal of a new style of expression in the changing trend of music.


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