Japan Made Guitar Brand QUESTREL|The first model SWOOD


Ultimate Sharp Sound and Style

756,000yen (tax included)

Ultimate Sharp Sound

SWOOD pursues both “Clearness and Heaviness” of the sound by maximizing the element of the sound. Those two elements generate the outstanding sound and performance and the picking feel reflect to the sound keenly. SWOOD enhances the player’s sensitivity to be ultimately sharpened.

Ultimate Sharp Style designed by Ken Okuyama

SWOOD is designed by Ken Okuyama who is globally famous industrial designer and has experience to design the world-class super cars such as Ferrari, Maserati, and so forth. He created the concept of SWOOD from Japanese Katana (Sword in Japanese) and represents keenly sharp body and we express the ultimate sharpness. SWOOD achieves innovative style but also its functional beauty by computing the angle and forms in terms of its string force face, characteristics of sound, and so forth.


* This image is a sample.756,000yen (tax included)
: Japanese Alder
Neck Scale
: 646mm
Nut width
: 42mm
Tuning keys
Body Flame :
: Aluminum
: Japanese Maple
Fingerboard radius
: 12"
Bridge Pickup
: Seymour Duncan Nazgul
Bridge :
Neck Joint
: Nakamura joint Nakamura joint (patent pending)
: Rosewood or Japanese Maple
: 22F medium jumbo
Neck Pickup
: Seymour Duncan Sentient
Tail piece
: COBARIONR Tail piece
: 1Vol.1Tone.3Way PU Selector


In order to realize this sound and look, SWOOD incorporates 3 unique elements: material, technology and design.


The wood materials are made in Japan as those are durable and creating pure sound. Since we select the wood at the logging stage, we could maintain the high quality of it. SWOOD’s the most distinctive feature, the tailpiece is adopted by new type alloy, Cobarion® that is developed by Tohoku University and manufactured by EIWA Corporation in Iwate Prefecture. It could minimize the dumping of oscillation and maximize the sound elongation and fatness. Also, the aluminum body frame is configured to enhance vibration and sound richness.



Pursuing further sound quality, we have developed new neck joint construction, applying Kesen-Daiku. It means the unique carpenter method at Kesen district in Tohoku region. Its century-old traditional technique has been developed to build Japanese Shrine in the area and its unique way is that they do not use any metal connecting part, but only combine the mating parts to joint woods for assembling. That method is applied to joint the neck and body and it creates higher sound clearness and tightness. SWOOD’s neck and body are jointed by Kesen-Daiku professional, Mr. Nakamura, one-by-one.

Design デザイン


In pursuit of the innovative concept and functional beauty of a guitar, SWOOD achieves novel and highly sophisticated appearance. As music trend changes, the guitarist’ expression also changes. SWOOD goes beyond the trend and propose the cutting-edge expression.

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